In Praise Of Little Books

by Randy Murray on April 23, 2012

I love little books. I’ve spent many a happy hour with them.

I love books that are printed and bound small, just the right size to fit in your pocket. I’ve often slid one into the left pocket of my sports jacket, to be ready when I find some time to read.

Little books aren’t necessarily short books or books without depth. I read War and Peace (Konemann Classics), separated into four little volumes. It’s probably the only way I would have ever read it. Reading Mark Twain’s travel books and carrying them with me on the road was a special delight.

Paperback books are fine, but I delight in little hardback books. Small and finely bound, they have a more concrete sense of permanence and value than an eminently disposable paperback. Trade paperbacks are too big for my pockets, and frankly, many standard paperbacks are too. But give me a little hardback book and I am happy beyond measure.

Today I think I’ll slip a little book into my pocket and find a nice cafe table to have my lunch and enjoy a quiet hour or so of reading. Franklin’s Journey to the Polar Sea (Konemann Classics) has been sitting on my shelf for a while, waiting its turn. Perhaps it’s today.



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