In Praise Of BIG Books

by Randy Murray on April 24, 2012

Ah, a big, meaty book.

Reading a really great, long book is like having a deep and fascinating conversation. It’s an opportunity to see the world with new eyes and really spend some quality time in another’s presence.

Give me a big book, four hundred, five hundred, a thousand pages! A good book by a great writer is real sustenance. It is deeply pleasurable. Even today in our interrupt-driven world the special pleasures of reading long and deep are wonderful beyond measure.

I’m a fan of movies, but after three hours you tire me out. Even TV series can’t keep my attention for hours over days on end. For that I need a big, thick, challenging book.

Some big books on my shelves include The Riverside Shakespeare, How the Mind Works and many more books by Steven Pinker, even my beloved CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. A Game of Thrones was on my shelf, but my youngest daughter hauled it away with her. I read the other volumes on my iPad, but even while reading them on this technological marvel of a device they seemed bigger, weightier (but not heavier).

What big book do you have on your reading list?

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