Writing Assignment: Write About Your Breathing

08.22.2014 writing

One of the most important things for writers to learn is how to observe and record. It’s relatively easy when you’re observing something other than yourself. But when you turn your focus back at yourself can you observe what you’re doing without changing your actions? Take, for instance, your breathing. Breathing is one of the most […]

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Stop Fighting And Do The Work Of Writing

07.02.2014 writing

As a graduate student I taught an Expository Writing class. I made it very simple for my students. I gave them a full list of the assignments for the class and then I made a very simple statement: I will not accept any late assignments. Not one. Period. No excuses. Frankly, life can get in […]

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Writing Assignment: The First Thing That Pops Into Your Head

04.08.2011 writing

I sometimes forget how scary writing can be for people who are not used to doing it. For them, writing is an unnatural act, a form of magic, an arcane knowledge, a kind of cryptography. Speech, by comparison, seems natural and simple. I speak with people in business every day and I’ve seen that the […]

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Writing Assignment: Introduce Yourself

01.07.2011 Business

A descriptive introduction is often important for developing characters in fiction. It is even more important for you, the writer. Many writers, myself included, often think of ourselves as being shy or introverted. Writing is a form of expression that is well suited to those of us who work best alone. But at times it […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Writing Assignment

12.03.2010 writing

Completing an assignment is one thing, but can you create the assignment itself? A writing assignment, from a First Today, Then Tomorrow perspective needs to have the following qualities: The assignment must be engaging. It should be easy to complete in a short period of time. It should help to develop a specific writing skill. […]

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