Thankful For Simple Things: Rotisserie Chicken

11.26.2013 Food and Cooking

I do enjoy cooking and eating, but sometimes it is not just simpler, but better, to find something that you can pick up and serve that is simple and well prepared by someone else. The rotisserie chicken is just such a dish. Even this week while most think of turkey, something that I love, I […]

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Pick One

03.18.2013 Good Ideas

Abundance is a curse. You can have anything that you want for lunch. So why eat another bland fast food hamburger and fries? There are literally hundreds of shows on the television. So why stare at another hour of screaming reality TV stars? You don’t eat, drink, or watch bad things because they are cheap. […]

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Eating In

01.17.2013 Family

At the end of every meal my Grandpa Luttrell could be counted to say, “You can’t get a meal like that in a restaurant!” It certainly was true then. Those were some mighty satisfying home cooked meals. And when I think about it, I’m sure that his limited experience with restaurants was probably poor. He […]

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Sharpen Your Writing Skills: Write With Hunger

10.30.2012 writing

I find that when I write with urgency some amazing things come out. When I’m hungry is one of the best times. I’m not talking about starvation. I’m talking about the hunger that a normally well fed person might experience prior to meals. And I’m not talking about the inner hunger to create and communicate. […]

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