Tech Buying Tip #7: Keep An Older System As A Backup

07.26.2011 gadgets

I’m big on reselling your gadgets when you buy the newest one, but I’ve found an exception to this not-quite-a-rule. It’s very handy to have your old system up and functioning while you test your new gear and make sure that “it’s a keeper.” If you purchase a new camera, not only should you keep [...]

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Tom’s Phone

07.12.2011 Future

It is amazing how quickly we adapt. My brother and his family came out for my daughter’s high school graduation in May. Tom and his family live near Kansas City, Missouri, so we don’t get to see them often, but it’s nice when we do. And when we do see each other, there’s a lot [...]

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Five Predictions About Your Future – #1: You Will Own Fewer Gadgets

06.20.2011 Future

I make no commentary on whether these predictions are for good or ill. When I look into the future this is what I see. Sometime, perhaps soon, you will find that you own fewer electronic gadgets and that you buy them less frequently. You will not buy a new computer every two or three years. [...]

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In Meetings, Pen & Paper, Not Glass and Fingers

01.27.2011 Business

Recently I wrote about not letting technology get in the way during meetings with clients. In particular I mentioned that I keep my iPad, a marvelous device and much better to travel with than a laptop, off the table and tucked away in my briefcase. My article garnered a lot of new readers and some [...]

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Net Neutrality: An Expanded Definition And What I Want

01.19.2011 Business

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about Net Neutrality. I think that it’s not only an important topic; I think it may be THE key to the future of the internet. From my perspective net neutrality can be boiled down to this: will we allow telecommunication carriers to restrict what we can access [...]

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