Writing Assignment: Write Three Questions About History

06.13.2014 writing

How did we get here? Is the past a meaningless mystery? Did anyone try this before? I find that one of the best ways for getting someone interested in history is to start asking questions. There are so many great stories in history and far more history books out there than most people can imagine. […]

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Reading History: Dark Invasion & The Zimmermann Telegram

06.11.2014 Books and Literature

I often lament the truly poor writing education that most American’s receive, but that is nothing compared to the complete lack of exposure to history (and don’t get me started on science). I find history to be absolutely fascinating, but you would’t know that by looking at history books used in K-12 education. It’s a […]

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Retro-Cool (Not Retro-Cold)

01.28.2014 Future

Nostalgia is a funny thing. There appears to be a trailing edge of what we find cool and interesting in the past. Some peg this interval to be thirty years, but I think it’s closer to fifty. For example, the fashion and design elements of the TV show Mad Men captivate a wide audience today. […]

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Things Are Just Starting To Get Interesting

01.27.2014 Future

I’ve been on the Internet since 1986. Back then I used it primarily to discuss the minutiae of the original Star Trek series with people inside the Pentagon, universities, and with other Bell Lab employees across the country. In 1995 I left my job in corporate America and started an Internet consultancy. I eventually went […]

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Not Every Child Needs to Learn How To Code

07.16.2013 Technology

I’ve seen a lot of people talking lately about how important it is for every child to learn to program, to code. I disagree. I think that it’s very important for children to make art and music, to learn to read and write very well. I think that it’s essential that children learn that the […]

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