So Much Music — iTunes Match & Life In The Cloud

11.21.2011 Future

I’m completely giddy over iTunes Match. I love music. As soon as iTunes was first released in January of 2001 I started ripping all of my CDs into an online collection. I also borrowed CDs from friends, libraries, and anywhere I could get my hands on them. Both of my daughters are musicians and music [...]

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Trajectory – How Steve Jobs Changed Everything

10.06.2011 Art

When I read the news of Steve Jobs passing last night, read it, in fact, on Twitter, I sighed, then put my iPhone away. I’d expected to hear of Steve Jobs passing at any time, but I was still surprised at the depth of my feelings at his passing. I never met the man, but [...]

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iPhone/iPad Tip: Bury Your Shopping Apps

09.15.2011 gadgets

Here’s a little tip to both declutter your iOS device and help you play the Spend Nothing Game: move all of your potential “shopping” apps, including the App Store & the iTunes store into a folder and off of your first screen. Out if sight, out of mind. If the first things you see are [...]

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Things Change, But Not As Much As You’d Suspect

08.25.2011 blogging

The news came, late in the day yesterday, that Steve Jobs had resigned as CEO of Apple. I’ve already said what I wanted to say in my post this last Monday. I refer you to it: The Foundation Of The Future: Isaac Asimov, Steve Jobs, and What’s Next.

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The Foundation Of The Future: Isaac Asimov, Steve Jobs, and What’s Next

08.22.2011 Business

I hope you’ll allow me this momentary hyperbolic flight. Isaac Asimov wrote a very interesting series of novels called “The Foundation.” In them, his character, Hari Seldon, developed a science called psychohistory, with which he was able to accurately predict the large scale course of human events. It’s a great series, and was added to [...]

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