Deconstructing The Watch: Your Phone As A Pocket Watch

10.20.2014 gadgets

“What time is it?” You pull your phone out of your pocket, look down at it, and tell me. It is an odd behavior that makes me think of three piece suits and fancy accessories. Watch fobs and chains and pen knives. How strange that a group of people, thinking themselves highly technical and advanced have taken […]

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Modern Marketing 101: How Important Is Mobile To My Web Strategy?

06.17.2014 blogging

This one is simple: look at your own site logs. It will tell you just how important mobile is. My bet, borne out by looking at a LOT of company web logs? Up to 80% of your first time visitors will see your site on their phones or tablets (mostly iPhones and iPads. What are people […]

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Stop Ruining Your Movie Experiences

01.08.2014 Movies

Just before Christmas and with both of my adult daughters home for the holidays we settled into our home theater and watched “North By Northwest.” I realize that most people don’t have private home theaters or screening rooms. But watching that movie in that special space I realized something else. If you’ve watched this movie […]

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Just One Device

06.03.2013 Future

I’m tired of all the debate over which class of device is best to use. Is it the phone, the tablet (and which size tablet), the laptop, the desktop, or some form of wearable computer? It’s boring and fruitless to debate this. I no longer think about which device to use. I just use the […]

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Modern Manners: Mobile Phones

09.20.2012 Modern Manners

I don’t have a problem with people talking on mobile phones in most public places. What I do have a problem with is people who talk loudly or in places where it’s inappropriate to talk at all. You should not talk on your phone in a theater. Put the damn thing away. I feel very […]

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