Messing Around—A Good Way To Get Started

01.29.2014 Movies

I recently started playing the ukulele. But I haven’t set out a plan for learning the instrument yet. Right now I’m just messing around with it. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Unlike a lot of other musical instruments, the ukulele is well suited to messing about. It has only four strings […]

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Writing Assignment: Describe the Taste of Water

04.26.2013 Writing Assignments

Mastering description is one of the most difficult writing skills and it must be continually reinforced and relearned. The skilled writer can weave descriptions of objects, place, even people into a story in such a way that the reader is never removed from the narrative stream. Others may offer descriptions of such beauty that it […]

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Writing Assignment: Five Words

02.11.2011 writing

Some writers struggle with a simple issue: What should I write about? The answer to that question is simple: anything. Just write about anything. To practice writing and develop the skills you’ll need, you need to write and write frequently, daily if at all possible. It doesn’t really matter what you write about. Just write. […]

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When You Have A Burst Of Creativity, Go With The Flow

07.09.2010 Business

I’ve said before that I typically write the posts for this blog a week in advance. Sometime, often, I try and plan out what I’m writing about, outline, document, and work out themes and then carefully write to that plan. But other times, like this week, all of that planning goes out the window and […]

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Writing Assignment: Describe Yourself

06.18.2010 The life of the mind

If your goal is to become a better writer, you need to practice. Here’s your writing assignment for today: write a short piece describing your physical appearance. Description is a key skill for writers to master. Turning your powers of observation on yourself, being able to honestly and accurately provide a picture of how you […]

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