Writing Assignment: Interview Yourself

09.07.2012 writing

A writer, especially a writer of reporting and nonfiction, needs to be able to ask questions and to dig deep into subjects. I find it fascinating to find out what other people do, know, and how they think. And the best way to get at this information is to ask questions. As a business writer, I do a […]

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The Case Against Curation

11.28.2011 Art

There are times when our use of language shifts and the meaning of words is altered. I typically don’t fight against it. But this current hijacking of the word “curation” to mean “a list of things on other web sites that I link to” is a poor word choice. A curator is someone who is […]

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Writing Assignment: Factual Reporting

04.30.2010 Books and Literature

If your goal is to become a better writer, you need to practice. Here’s your writing assignment for today: write a short report accurately describing an event. I have never read a news report or story that I’ve had any connection with that fully and accurately conveyed the event. Why is that? Because writing about […]

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