Product Review: The Allett RFID Shielding Security Wallet

10.23.2014 Product Reviews

Let me first say this: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that people aren’t out to get you. And one of the ways that people may be out to get you is to steal your information and identity from the RFID chips that may be embedded in your credit cards, passports, and other documentation. The […]

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Just A Bit Of Luxury: Make Life Better Without Drowning In Stuff

09.04.2013 Minimal

I wouldn’t say that I am a slob, but most summer days as I work here in my home office or while out running errands you’ll find me dressed in cargo shorts, one of my assorted pirate-themed shirts from our beach vacations, and my Keen Newport Sandals. Sometimes when wearing my worn Tilley hat I […]

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Saddleback Slim Wallet Product Review

07.02.2012 Product Reviews

I was recently told by my physical therapist (scolded, actually) about keeping a two inch thick wallet in my back pocket. It’s bad for posture and contributed to my back pain—or at least wasn’t helping. So I set out on a quest to find a good quality wallet that would work for me. I quickly […]

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Too Many Damn Cards

06.07.2012 GTD

My back hurts. I sit in this chair writing too many hours a day. And now, I find, that my billfold is trying to kill me. I have an ongoing battle with my wallet. There’s a card for every situation imaginable. I need my ID/driver’s license, I need my medical insurance cards, AAA card, grocery […]

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