Some Things I Learned By Showing Up

by Randy Murray on March 28, 2011

Last week I was on the road again. Although I grow to dislike air travel more and more, I find that showing up in person trumps hours of video conferencing, thousands of tweets, and an infinite string of emails.

Don’t get me wrong; this future world that we live in is marvelous. I’m making connections, making friends, all around the world. I earn my living in this world. And yet, when I show up in person and we meet face-to-face, share a significant amount of time together, that’s when real magic happens.

My visit was to St. Paul for a brief three days. I had a chance to deliver a seminar on writing and got the chance to spend some time with my old friend Patrick Rhone. In my time with Patrick and during my seminar working with students, I made strong connections and had the chance to test my thoughts and ideas on a number of subjects. This was possible in such a short period of time because I showed up, sat down, and had face-to-face discussions.

After I returned I saw this tweet from Patrick:

One-on-one is the new social media.

Reading is the new surfing.

Books are the new blogs.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Over the next few days I’ll share my take on these three points. There’s real meat and mead here. I know Patrick has more to say on this and I look forward to reading what others think, too.

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