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Writing Assignment: Write Three Sentences About Yourself

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The mirrors in my home all lie to me in ways that I find comforting. “Hey, looking good!” I know how to look at myself in them to present the image to myself so I look thin and handsome.

And then I’ll be out somewhere and catch my reflection and find that reality is a bit more unforgiving.

For the writer self reflection can be equally difficult. It’s easy to disparage oneself, but can you really see yourself precisely as you are? And the exercise becomes more difficult when you try and move beyond physical appearance and describe your character.

One way to examine your character would be to pour out your heart, page after page. But what can you do with that? Can you see yourself in endless, anguished prose?

Another way would be to do what is essentially a sketch, like one an artist might make. Write down just a few lines, enough for you to see yourself, to see what is essentially you.

For today’s assignment write just three sentences about yourself, focusing on your character or what is essentially you, but not about your physical appearance. Craft your sentences to be short, declarative, and simple. Avoid long, nested comments, asides, and clauses.

You might need to write at length and then condense down what you’ve laid out. I suspect that if you allow yourself to write freely and honestly for an extended time you might discover your three sentences somewhere within.

Be brave. Look at the strange, new mirror. Then set out your sketch.

This exercise is for you. You need not publish it or share it with others (I’m not). And consider keeping it with you. Look at it from time to time. When you no longer see yourself in it, it’s time to write another.

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Written by Randy Murray

July 11th, 2014 at 8:00 am

3 Responses to 'Writing Assignment: Write Three Sentences About Yourself'

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  1. This one is rather easy for me, and hard at the same time. I know exactly who I am, but some times I just don’t believe it.

    I am a son of God, loved and accepted, mature and able to do all things in Christ. I am beautifully and wonderfully made. And I am an introverted teacher of teachers – and that is great.

    I refuse to think otherwise of me, even though this reality screams loudly and calls me a liar. But I have learned that my words build my future, so
    I speak what I want to manifest where I am going.

    Ralph M. Rickenbach

    12 Jul 14 at 6:05 am

  2. This is an assignment to work on and return to, perhaps once a year. Do your sentences remain the same across time?

    Randy Murray

    12 Jul 14 at 9:44 am

  3. No, they will not. Whenever the statements change my thinking enough to be rooted strongly, I will change them to tackle some new truths that still need to manifest.

    Ralph M. Rickenbach

    12 Jul 14 at 10:40 am

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