Go When Others Must Stay

09.11.2014 Family

My wife and I have arrived at that time of life when we have gained back a bit of personal freedom. Our children have grown and left the house. The things that kept us bound close to home, the school and the myriad activities of children, no longer require our presence. It’s pretty sweet. And […]

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Like Sand Through An Hour Glass

05.15.2014 Family

My wife and I are very fortunate. Our two daughters, now both adults, still want to spend time with us. But it’s not much time. Not much at all. They have lives, careers, and adventures of their own. The time we get to spend together is a few days here and there and perhaps a […]

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Incomplete Backup

05.13.2014 Family

I live in a digital world. All of our family photographs from the last dozen years or more are stored on a hard drive connected to our home computer. And all of our music. As is all of my work, not just for clients, but also my plays and creative work. I backup continually and […]

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When I’m Fifty Four.

04.28.2014 Family

We’ll just let the Beatles sing it. OK. I may be ten years early, but it’s my birthday, so I get to pick the playlist. There’s an odd thing that happened to me once I passed 50. I no longer feel that I’m getting older. Now I simply am. It’s nice to celebrate once a year […]

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Merry Christmas!

12.25.2013 Family

It is my wish that you have a safe and happy holiday.

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