Writing Assignment: Write About A Common Daily Task

09.06.2013 writing

Every day we all get up and make your way through our daily routines. If you’re anything like me, you’ll do most of these tasks, making and eating breakfast, making coffee, shower and shave, brush your teeth, and do it completely on autopilot. And during this routine our minds may disengage or stay partially asleep. […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Description Of A Task, Then Do It

08.02.2013 Simple Productivity

In this Simple Productivity Task Of The Day [link] I gave a recommendation on how to move forward with a task that’s become bogged down by writing a description of the task. Let’s try that. For today’s assignment, pick a task or job that you are working on and use this formula to write a […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Write A Description Of Your Task

08.01.2013 Simple Productivity

I have managed people for many, many years and I’ve come to this basic realization about why people struggle with tasks: they don’t really know what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. I’ve battled with sales people to get them to make calls and contact new prospects. I’ve argued with staff on the importance […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Take A Nap

07.30.2013 Simple Productivity

Sleep is more than just a restorative for a weary body. It is the process that our brains use to sort and store memories and information and to repair the body. You are lying to yourself if you say, “I need to sleep less to get more done.” The opposite is what’s true: you’ll get […]

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Clear Your Calendar – Free Yourself Up For Unscheduled Productive Time

06.21.2010 Business

Do yourself a big favor: throw away your calendar. There are so many elements of Getting Things Done that people struggle with. But breaking free from the calendar is possibly the biggest, and, surprisingly, the least discussed strategy. So let’s get radical. According to Saint Randy, your calendar should only be used for meetings and […]

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