Merry Christmas To All

12.25.2012 Family

May the best of the season be with you and yours.  

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Writing Assignment: A Pause Amidst Madness

11.25.2011 writing

It’s Black Friday and the rush to the holidays is approaching warp speed. That can be a distraction. The universe conspires to distract and slow down writers. Strike a blow against entropy! Use that rush as an energizer, an excuse to write. You can carve out time to pause, reflect and write virtually anywhere. If […]

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Merry Christmas

12.24.2010 Family

Every year since my daughters were very small, I’d bring them to the office on Christmas Eve. I’d let them draw or play or set them up with some task to help out around the office. By noon I’d be done for the day and we’d all go to lunch together, and then head for […]

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Writing Assignment: A Letter To Santa

12.17.2010 writing

For many of us, our first writing assignment is composing a letter to Santa Claus. Over the years many of us stop, for one reason or another, but it remains a useful exercise. A good letter to Santa should include the standard attributes of a personal letter, but also include a justification of your behavior […]

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Join The Party!

12.15.2010 Business

December continues to be a busy, busy month. I’m trying to follow my own advice, but so far, without much success. But what the hell – I deserve a break and so do you. Penny and I are getting together today for our office holiday party. You’re invited to take the day off, too. To […]

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