Librarians And The Filter Bubble

06.16.2011 Books and Literature

You may be living in a bubble and not even know it. I’ve recently read Eli Pariser’s new book, The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You. It has many clear connections with the role of libraries (and perhaps their fate). “If you’re not paying for something [on the internet], you’re not the [...]

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In Defense Of Libraries

06.14.2011 Books and Literature

More than a few communities are beginning to deemphasize, privatize, or close their libraries, claiming that they’re no longer needed or wanted. Some use the specious argument: “we just can’t afford it ” when they really mean, “we don’t’ want to pay for it.” And some are saying “Libraries aren’t needed any more. We don’t [...]

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Writing Assignment: Visit A Library And Write About Books

09.03.2010 writing

If your goal is to become a better writer, you need to practice. Here’s your writing assignment for today: visit your local library and write a short piece about what books mean to you. As a writer, you need to develop the skill of being able to write virtually anywhere, particularly in public places. The [...]

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Why Print Must Continue

09.02.2010 Books and Literature

A lot of ink and electrons are being spent talking about the end of physical books, the death of print. I’ve speculated about it myself. And I sit here at my desk, writing on my iMac with my iPhone in my pocket and my iPad propped up on the desk. But on the other side [...]

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The Gaps In Your Knowledge

09.01.2010 Books and Literature

You do not know everything. In fact, you are mistaken, wrong about a great many things. Even worse, you have gaps in your knowledge that likely cause you to hold opinions and make decisions that are counter to your own interests and welfare. And the less you know, the more likely you are to think [...]

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