Writers’ Workshop: What Kind Of Writer Are You?

by Randy Murray on December 29, 2011

This week I’m conducting an online writers’ workshop. The goal is to help you dramatically improve your writing skills.

Today you’ll be challenged with a reflective exercise. I’d like you to explore what kind of writer you think you are.

Start with a basic declarative statement. You may find that you need to say it out loud, to actually declare it. Then get it down on paper or on screen.

Next, explore your statement. Develop the idea of what kind of writer you are: give examples, provide detail.

And then, step back and look at what you’ve written.

Next: challenge it. Argue the other side. Don’t beat yourself up as a poor writer, but see if you can argue that you aren’t the type of writer you’ve claimed to be. Break apart the limitations you’ve detailed. Find new examples to argue, as if you were supporting another writer, of how you’re more than you’ve put there on the page.

And when you’ve let the dust settle, write a new statement.

What kind of writer are you?


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