Recipe Time: Seafood Steamer Pot

09.03.2014 Food and Cooking

During our recent vacation to Ocracoke island in the North Carolina Outer Banks we came across a service called “Captain Puddle Ducks” that delivers a pot of goodies to your door for you to steam and enjoy. The pot I ordered at 4 PM showed up at our rented house promptly at 6. It had potatoes, corn, […]

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Day 4 of Rotisserie Chicken Week: Chicken Stock, Chicken Soup

12.05.2013 Food and Cooking

Making chicken stock sounds like some complex, Le Cordon Bleu mastery. Trust me, it ain’t. It is the simplest, easiest thing to do and will reward you not just with another meal, but with the basis of so many great meals. And it’s practically free. You’ve been eating off this little chicken for an entire week. […]

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Ratatouille—Ridiculously Easy and Delicious

09.02.2013 Food and Cooking

It’s garden time, so I made ratatouille recently. It’s surprisingly easy and tastes amazingly delicious. Although my recipe may not be identical to those you’ve tasted, remember that this is essentially a dish prepared in the French countryside. It was improvised with what was available, not etched on stone tablets. Do a little improvisation yourself. […]

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Eating In

01.17.2013 Family

At the end of every meal my Grandpa Luttrell could be counted to say, “You can’t get a meal like that in a restaurant!” It certainly was true then. Those were some mighty satisfying home cooked meals. And when I think about it, I’m sure that his limited experience with restaurants was probably poor. He […]

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Stop Saying, “I can’t cook.”

09.25.2012 Food and Cooking

The other day, while waiting to sign up for a service, one of the salespeople, trying to make conversation, said, “So, what did you have for dinner.” “Grilled portobella mushroom caps with melted cheese.” He and the other sales rep ohhhed and ahhhed, then the first one said, “That sounds great. I wish I could […]

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