Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Give Yourself A Timeout

by Randy Murray on November 14, 2011

When you find yourself stuck, unable to get things done, and your frustrations are boiling over, you might just need to go sit in a corner.

Seriously. Put yourself in time out.

When a child throws a fit or misbehaves, you put them in timeout so they can calm down and think about what they’ve done. When a hockey player gets out of control, they go in the penalty box.

And when you find yourself overwhelmed and on the verge of dropping your gloves and throwing a few punches, it’s time for you to take a few minutes of quiet time, too.

You need a timeout spot. It can be an empty corner, the bottom of the stairs, or a section of the curb on your street. Pick your spot, sit yourself down, and spend five minutes doing nothing on the sidelines.

Yelling and screaming or even throwing a punch might feel good for a moment, but time is what you need. It’s not a break, it’s not punishment, it’s just time away, doing nothing but cooling off and thinking.

At the end of five minutes you can get back in the game. And it’s likely that with a cooler head you’ll be able to figure out a new approach that won’t lead you back to the corner.

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